PreK (Ages 4/5)


InMotion Preschool of Fine Arts focuses on celebrating the strengths of each students’ multiple intelligences, as defined by Dr. Howard Gardner. Our learning is tied together across these many intelligences through
monthly themed-units.
We believe all children are natural artists and that their experience of an academic setting at this age is crucial to the health of their artistic nature for years to come.

Pre-K, Ages 4-5
The Pre-K program has many new elements due to students’ development of fine motor skills. Students can demonstrate a steady beat with their body an don percussion instruments.
They learn pre-writing and pre-reading concepts that are reinforced through the arts (music, dance, visual arts and drama). Social learning is very effective at this age. Students love to share their thoughts with each other and get great joy from exploring learning manipulatives together. Mathematics concepts focus on patterns, visual quantities and development of number sense. Our science and social studies lessons are based on sensory experiences and problem solving.
The arts are interwoven in our academic lessons and given special time for further development in the studio spaces.  Children’s unique ideas that emerge during these learning times are treasured and encouraged.

Curriculum Highlights:
• Brain Dance Method
• Music Together™ In School
• Reggio Emilia inspired art lessons
• Explode the Code (Language Arts)

Music Together

Registration & Material Fees:
$40 registration fee per student along with materials fee due at time of registration.
PreK (4/5): $125 materials fee

Currently Enrolling For
• Pre-K (4/5): Mon, Weds, Fri 9:45-12:15   ($330/mo) *Must be age 4 by August 31, 2017
Extended Day: 9:45-1:15 ($395/mo)