Momentum Performing Groups

20150424-181432 Casey at the Bat-XL


The purpose of this group is to give dancers with a greater desire to perform more opportunities to experience performing in varied settings and receive additional training. Select performances will only be available to this group for the additional commitment made to rehearsal times and required core classes. A year long commitment is made to this group, it is our “sport”!!  Hardwork, dedication, personal growth and life lessons are the focus of this team.  Regular attendance is required and is the only way for the Group to progress.

We are so excited to wrap up our first year as an Incorporated Non-Profit group with great success in our first attempts at fundraising and soliciting donors.  There is already great energy and excitement about the groups projects to help raise money toward the expenses of a yearlong performance season.  Our Fundraising Committee is headed up by Katie White and Pam Copeland and they have put together an outline of next years events and participation forms.  The work this year by several dancers made it clear that there is an opportunity to cover most or all expenses by participating in these activities.  It is each families decision, fundraising is not mandatory other than Momentum Team Events.

Momentum groups will be determined by the number of dancers at auditions, the skill levels of the performers, and final commitments to participate.  All participants are required to be currently enrolled InMotion students. All placements are made based on participation, attitude, input from the audition panel, and final approval of Dustin Stuart, Director and Chris Price, Administrative Director.


Minimum Requirements for levels Jazz1 and up:

Required:  2 Rehearsal classes (1 hr), 2 Ballet classes, Progressions/Conditioning

Minimum 2 technique classes:  (May choose) –Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary,

Additional:    Tap, Acro, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop

***Please note:  Students may have their schedule set by the Director to optimize their training and fill gaps in their technique.****


20150424-181042 Casey at the Bat-X3

2014/2015 Mini Mo – Photo by Scott Sorensen