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Training  Regular attendance in the following weekly InMotion classes are the minimum* dance requirement.

  • 2 Ballet Classes
  • 2 Pointe Classes (or Alternate style if not on pointe)
  • 1 DEN Rehearsal Class
  • 1 Class of another style or 3rd Ballet/Pointe Class

*It is highly recommended that DEN dancers take a total of 3 Ballet Classes, 3 Pointe Classes, at least 1 other class in another style, and one Conditioning Class in addition to their DEN Rehearsal.

Dancers may only take classes from InMotion Performing Arts Studio. This does not apply to Dance Workshops, Summer Camps and Special Events.

Performance Schedule   Nutcracker  on Thanksgiving Weekend & InMotion June Show.  Other performance opportunities may become available and it is expected that Company Members will give this commitment priority whenever possible.  Casting is a privilege earned by audition and maintained on the basis of maturity, skill and commitment displayed throughout rehearsals and performances by the dancer.

DEN Dancers :

–       May only perform in DEN or InMotion Productions

–       They must abide by all casting decisions

–       They need to understudy any role when requested by the director



The Nutcracker 2014


Natalie Copeland                      

Leila Crocker                       

Morgan Goodfellow                    

Sarah Smith                         

Jetta White                         



Katelyn Arlen

Taylor Bue

Claire Freund

Leanne Gimber

Claire Hager

Tatyana Reyes


DEN Junior Company

Alexa Kinley

Delaney Gallagher

Ginger Silfies

Autumn Appel

Zayda Elms

Kasey Olson



Alumni: Sakura Burkhart and Tyler Sorensen Photo by Scott Sorensen


DEN has a rich 20 year history in Kitsap County.  Thanks to Liberty Bay Danceworks and Founding Director Michael Falatico a solid foundation of dance training and tradition was established.  In 2010, Liberty Bay transitioned into InMotion Performing Arts Studio and had the privilege of continuing to build the legacy of DEN and the organization. The Company has continued to flourish under the Direction of Sara Milov since 2011.  Dance Ensemble Northwest is proud of it’s many dancers who have gone on to do great things with their lives after graduating from DEN and InMotion.   Below are just a few examples of the many accomplishments of past DEN members who have stayed in touch with InMotion.



Returned to studio faculty and DEN choreographers:

David Harvey – Company Member Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet

William Miglino – Carolina Ballet, Faculty of Chicago Ballet and PNB

Roxanne Foster – University of Washington BA of Dance, Seattle Opera



Stacie Brown – 2010 Grad- University Utah Ballet Dept, Utah Ballet

Jordan Anderson – 2011 Grad- WOU – Freshman Dancer of the Year

Ben Staker -2012 Grad- Joffrey Ballet School NY-scholarship, UW

Alexis Weisbarth – 2013 Grad– EDGE PAC Los Angeles

Caleb Adams -2014 Grad -Milwaukee, 5th Ave Theatre, current student at Spectrum

Isobel Tolles 2014 Grad– Ballet Chicago, Santa Clara University

Tyler Sorensen – 2015 Grad- Ballet Chicago, 5th Ave Theatre, WWU Dance major

Sakura Burkhart – 2015 Grad– current Trainee with Ballet Met- Scholarship recipient