Dress Code


Tights, shoes, accessories, & various other supplies are available.  Ballet shoes starting at $15 a pair.  Before you head out around town, check the studio first.

For all your other dance wear needs we recommend shopping online at Discount Dance Supply .  When you check out be sure to enter our Studio code: TP35691 each time for extra savings and to accrue points to our Studio Account .

Children’s Program- Creative Movement, Ballet Basics, Intro to Tumbling, Intro Tap & Jazz:

  • Girls- May wear any clothing that is comfy for your dancer to move in, if your dancer is wearing tights please make sure they have shoes so they do not slip in class, otherwise leos, dance dresses, leggings, shorts, etc are all acceptable at this level. Hair must be pulled back into a Bun, Bangs clipped back off the face. If your dancer’s hair is to short to get into a bun, two pony tails are acceptable or any hairstyle that keeps it contained and away from the face.
  • Boys- May wear any clothing that is comfy for your dancer to move in, as they grow boys will be required to wear black bottoms and a white top, but at this level they may wear what they feel confident in.

Beginning Ballet- Ballet V:

  • Girls- Solid Black Leo, Clean Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes (Split Sole Canvas). Hair in a CLEAN Bun- Bangs must be clipped back off your face. NO jewelry, distracting hair accessories, or shorts. Leg warmers, skirts, and wraps are at the discretion of the Instructor, however Ballet III & Up should be expected to remove these accessories after Warmups.
  • Boys- Black Bottoms, White Top, Black Ballet Shoes

 Momentum & DEN Rehearsals:

  • Girls- All Black. (DEN Pink Tights)
  • Boys- DEN-Black Bottoms (prefer black tights), White Tee, tucked in, Appropriate undergarments, Black Ballet Shoes  Momentum- Black Bottoms, Black form fitting shirt, no shoes or Black Jazz Boots