Class Descriptions

When in doubt feel free to schedule an appointment with the Office to stop by and watch or try a class for free!


Our Ballet program follows a strict curriculum teaching the Balanchine technique and style. Pointe is offered to advanced students over the age of 12 at the teachers discretion.


We begin with a warmup of stretches, isolations, and development of full range of movement in the torso. Centre floor, pirouettes, and combinations are coupled with contemporary music.


Fusion of ballet and jazz techniques paired with expressive songs and movement.


Timing and rhythm are the starting points in tap.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop can be for both the technical and recreational dancer. Whatever your skill level it is an energizing and enthusiastic class open to all ages.

Progressions Turns and Leaps

Great supplement for the dancer who wants more. Strengthen your technique while improving your turns and leaps.